lazy susan swival ring          lazy susan swivel ring

Lazy Suzan Swivel Ring

  • Diameter: 200mm-1000mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Description: This product has many applications e.g. display platforms, rotating TV cabinets/racks, dining tables, revolving fireplaces, solar tracking systems, aerial photography, R2D2 robots, antenna trackers and 3D scanners.
  • Price: Available upon request




lazy susan swival ring          lazy susan swivel ring


Lazy Suzan Special

This Lazy Susan ring functions like a true "Ball Bearing" where the balls are held in seperated positions in a race.

It turns smoothly and soundlessly both on horizontal and on vertical positions.

Really great for applications where delicate and precision movement is required.

Examples of Lazy Suzan Applications

Revolving fireplace

Revolving fireplace

turn table on firepit

Turntable over a firepit

solar tracking system

Solar Tracking System

R2D2 robots

R2D2 robot

Antenna tracking system

Antenna tracke

Aerial photography

Aerial Photography

3D scanner

3D Scanner


Note: Only the rotating ring itself is offered


Lazy Suzan Turntable

Material:          templed glass

Size:                diameter 600 mm, thickness 10 mm

Color:              clear or black

lasy susan turn table
clear glass
Clear glass
black glass turntable
Black glass


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