Magnesia Heat Storage Material

In traditional open fireplaces and wood stoves the vast majority of heat is wasted up the chimney in flue gases. Another disadvantage is that they tend to overheat the room very quickly, leaving it cold equally rapidly as soon as the fire burns out. This however is no more the case for a heat storage stove/fireplace. The thermal storage is realized by a highly thermal conducting mass of a dense Magnesia Energy Storage Material. The hot air is ducted in such a way that part of the heat in the hot air is transferred and stored in the storage material, which functions as a heat tank. Once the wood has completely burned, the heat tank radiates the stored energy in the form of heat at a controlled rate, releasing it over its surface for an extended time into the environment.

The heat tank made of high quality of magnesium energy storage material facilitates the clean burn, thus significantly increases the thermal efficiency and reduces emissions. The integration of a magnesia heat tank will make the fireplace/stove more eco friendly and more enjoyable.

Depending on the size of this heat tank, stoves can store heat for up to 24 hours use without fueling, reducing or even eliminating the need of most wood stoves for regular fueling throughout the day.

Our Heat Storage Material is principally composed of high quality magnesium oxide. Some of the main characteristics are presented as follows:

Heat capacity:                                3200 KJ/m3.K

Heat conductivity:                           5.0  W/m.K

Working temp.                               up to 1000 oC

Density:                                         2.95 g/cm3

Cold compressive strength:             50 MPa


Some typical standard shapes and applications are showing in the following table.

heat storage brick   heat storage brick  heat storage brick

Brick 1 

 Brick 2

 Brick 3

heat storage brick 


Brick 4


heat storage tank



heat storage core

 Heat Storage Tank

 Heat Storage Panel

 Heat Storage Core


All shapes of bricks or components can be tailor-made according to customer’s requirements. The following are some standard heat storage shapes specially designed for fireplaces/stoves applications.


heat storage bricks

 heat storage bricks

 Shape 1

 Shape 2

 Shape 3


Apart from wood burning fireplaces, our Magnesia Energy Storage Material is also suitable for applications in solar heating and electrical heating systems.

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