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Coating on refractory surface

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High Emissivity Ceramic Coating

NASA originally invented Ceramic Coating as a protective coating for spacecraft heat shields to allow them to withstand the extreme fiery conditions experienced during Earth re-entry. The material’s ceramic components exhibit the property of high emissivity, which means the material tends to radiate heat. This allows the protective coating to reflect heat away from the surface it covers, thereby increasing the capability of materials to withstand temperature levels far beyond their normal range.

In recent years, High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings have found ever increasing applications in the efforts to save energy and to cut down the carbon footprint. Typical applications for these coatings are: boilers, electric furnaces, bakery ovens, tunnel kilns, bio-mass burners, wood burn fireplaces. Test results have shown that the application of High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings can significantly improve the thermal efficiencies and at the same time reduce pollutant emissions. Especially for the wood burn fireplaces, the application of this coating on the surface of the firebox is able to improve the thermal efficiency by at least 10%.

High emissivity ceramic coatings for refractories are being used successfully in furnace applications to reduce energy consumption, improve temperature uniformity, reduce maintenance, and increase production while improving product quality. By increasing the emissivity of a refractory lining in a furnace, these specialized ceramic coatings can provide energy savings depending on the fuel being used, the furnace operation, furnace configuration, and production schedule of up to 30%. Furthermore, furnace heatup time is decreased and the service life of the high emissivity ceramical coated refractory is extended. High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings are proven to be a viable solution for tube corrosion and slagging in energy boilers. These coatings provide a non-porous barrier between the furnace atmosphere and the metal substrate that reduces slag buildup and prevents corrosion on boiler tubes. Resulting benefits include increased thermal transfer, tube life extension, increased unit efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings are formulated based on the latest nano technologies, which are environmentally friendly and water soluble, containing no volatile organic substance, and are applicable to both refractory and metal surfaces.

Main specifications:  

  • Emissivity ε > 0.9
  • Heat resistant: up to 1650 °C
  • Coating coverage: 5 m2/L
  • Solid content: 50%

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