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Catalytic fireplaces are wood burning units that contain a device similar to the catalytic converter in a car. These devices are known as catalytic combustors and are also commonly referred to as cats. These can come as fireplace inserts which are able to be installed into both pre-fabricated and masonry fireplaces.

Normally smoke will burn or oxidize, at a temperature of 540 °C (1,000 °F) or higher. Burning a stove this hot would require continuous intense fire and would require a higher wood consumption. The answer to eliminate this is the catalytic combustor.

Wood smoke gases coming in contact with the catalyst, causes chemical changes to take place. This will then allow the smoke to ignite at temperatures around 260 °C  (500 °F). This temperature is easily achieved in the firebox of a wood burning stove. As the wood gases ignite and burn within the catalytic combustor, clean by-products of water vapor (H20) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are emitted.

A catalytic combustor is a foam or honey-comb shaped chamber made of ceramic materials. It is coated in a metal catalyst, such as palladium or platinum or a combination of both, which is then installed into the firebox near the base of the chimney or flue. The purpose of this device is to lower the combustion temperature of the smoke and gas emissions thereby causing them to burn up before they even leave the combustor. This, of course, means fewer emissions are released into the atmosphere. It also makes the catalytic fireplace a more fuel efficient unit because it produces more heat for less wood.

Catalytic combustors are available in retrofit kits that enable consumers to convert non-catalytic wood burning units into a money saving, environmentally friendly catalytic fireplace.

Performance of stoves equipped catalytic combustors:

Thermal efficiency:       > 85%

CO emission:                 < 70 ppm

Particulate emission:   < 35 ppm

Apart from wood burning fireplaces, catalytic combustor can also be used for flueless gas fireplaces. A recent development has shown a new generation of catalyst combustor using nano technology is able to "burn"  CO at temperatures below 100 °C (210 °F).




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