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1.  Lazy Suzan Swivel Ring

Material:           aluminum

Size:                diameters between 200 to 1000 mm

Application:     Suitable for display platforms, TV cabinets/racks, dining tables, revolving fireplaces,

                        solar tracking systems,  aerial photography, R2D2 robots and antenna trackers.


Examples of Lazy Suzan Applications


Revolving fireplace


Turntable over a firepit

lazy susan

Solar Tracking System

      R2D2 robots      

R2D2 robot


Antenna tracker 

Antenna tracker


Aerial photography 

Aerial Photography



2.  Lazy Suzan Turntable

Material:          templed glass

Size:                diameter 600 mm, thickness 10 mm

Color:              clear and black


lazy susan turntable


Clear glass

lazy susan black glass

Black glass


3.  Ceramic Foam Products




ceramic foam plate

Foam Plate 1

150x150x15 mm

ceramic foam plate


Foam Plate 2

200x300x15 mm

 ceramic foam block


Foam Block

200x200x50 mm

 ceramic foam cylinder


Foam Cylinder

Ø200x200x20 mm

 composite ceramic foam plate

Composite ceramic foam plate

10 PPI/40 PPI or Al2O3/SiC combination

 ceramic foam special shapes

Tailor made ceramic foam special shapes


ceramic foam lamp shade

 Ceramic Foam Lamp Shades



Color - White
Nominal Composition,wt % - Al2O3, 99.9%
Density, 0.5 g/cm3  
Porosity, % - (average) ~~ 80% (open and closed)
Maximum Use Temperature,°C -1000°C
Thermal Conductivity ~~0.85W/mK (temperature dependent)
Flexural Strength - High
Linear thermal expansion: Low 


Typical Applications:
Typical applications are molten metal filtration, oil trapping and recovery, grease filters, hot-gas and steam cleaning filters, chemical and water purification processes. They can also be used as substrate support for membrane reactors. Other applications include hot plates, flameless volumetric combustion gas burners, low NOx burner, ethanol burners, volumetric receivers for concentrated solar radiations, solar thermochemical reactors for direct CO2 CH4 reforms, high performance solar heat exchangers, refractory linings, catalist support, fire protection and stops, lamp shades etc.

4.  Ceramic Fiber Panels


 ceramic fiber brick panel  ceramic fiber brick panel

Heat resistant:  up to 1000 °C
Thickness:  2 cm
Size: variable

It can be used as excellent material for fireplace lining. It has a higher service life compared to any fiber insulating board, due to its mechanical and chemical stability at high temperatures.


5.  Refractory Plates

 refractory plate


Thickness: 3 cm
Max. size:  60 x 80 cm
Density,  1.6g/cm3
Heat resistant:  up to 1200 °C



6.  High Emissivity Ceramic Coating

high emissivity ceramic coating 


NASA originally invented Ceramic Coating as a protective coating for spacecraft heat shields to allow them to withstand the extreme fiery conditions experienced during Earth re-entry. The material’s ceramic components exhibit the property of high emissivity, which means the material tends to radiate heat. This allows the protective coating to reflect heat away from the surface it covers, thereby increasing the capability of materials to withstand temperature levels far beyond their normal range. In recent years, High Emissivity Ceramic Coatings have found ever increasing applications in the efforts to save energy and to cut the carbon foot prints.


  • Emissivity ε > 0.9
  • Heat resistant: up to 1650 °C


  • Minimum of 10% improvement in thermal efficiency
  • Significantly extended service life of refractory materials
  • Significant reduction in emissions



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